Our Mission:

The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven organization dedicated to creating a climate for healthy business growth and economic development while supporting the well-being and quality of life within the community.

The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant entity that has been representing the voice of small businesses since 2001. Aiming for responsible, sustainable economic growth the Chamber’s mission attracts everyone from young professionals to seasoned business owners eager to impact growth and change in Pueblo West.

With over 200 contributing members, The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is quickly expanding as the community continues to welcome more neighbors and aspiring companies. Membership is the heart of the Chamber and with active leadership, new ideas are taking root and shaping a future that continues to be business-friendly and neighborhood conscious.

As a young organization, the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce looks for ways to create a unified voice for Pueblo West citizens and prides itself as an organization that greets you happily and is eager to hear your feedback. Staying challenged and open-minded keeps our organization fresh and appealing helping make Pueblo West one of the fastest growing communities on the Front Range.

Our Leadership:

The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is led by networking specialist Amy Gasperetti. Powered by an amazing background of business-to-business and business-to-consumer experience, Amy’s role as the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce Director naturally fits her unique skill base and makes her a valuable point of reference for anyone hoping to grow their business in the area.

The all-volunteer board supervises, guides, and manages the Chamber’s director ensuring that the best interest of the Chamber and community residents are front and center. Developing crucial policies and procedures that support members as well as the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce and its mission are fundamental board member priorities.

We Value:

  • Engagement
    If Pueblo West is your passion then the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce is an exciting opportunity to share your thought leadership with likeminded professionals. Purposefully crafted to integrate the citizens of Pueblo West, the chamber offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities that value contribution.
  • Activity
    A thriving Chamber is an active Chamber influencing policy, business, and carefully-planned growth. We strive to be the heartbeat of the city introducing new and fun ways to mix and mingle that contribute to a higher quality of life for our citizens. From ribbon cuttings to parades and festivals, the Pueblo West Chamber is always on the move.
  • Accountability
    Living out our mission is fundamental to the survival of our community-driven organization. Because we are committed to improving our quality of life, we often access our achievements and analyze the results for better, more effective ways to live out our mission and its values.