Business-Friendly Growth

With local government and plenty of open mindedness, entrepreneurs of every level find a welcome sign in Pueblo West. Convenient access to Highway 50, large acreage land development, and within minutes of on-demand labor force training, are only a few of the reasons large scale companies have their eye on the area.

Infrastructure is expanding as more businesses choose Pueblo West as their place for business. Recently, Colorado Department of Transportation completed an important $5.9 million expansion on the high-trafficked commuter and business route of Highway 50 that feeds Pueblo West adding lanes, upgrading intersections and improving safety and traf fic flow for the nearly 50,000 vehicles per day that travel this segment of highway.

In 2017, residents welcome Big R, a growing Pueblo-based farm, ranch and home retailer featuring a 40,000-square­ foot store near the Pueblo West Walmart Supercenter. The 6-acre parcel of land at the corner of East Industrial and North McCulloch boulevards, is just one of the many businesses anchoring operations in the thriving community.

Active Chamber of Commerce

Ambassadors and volunteers are at the heart of the local Chamber of Commerce that takes community seriously. Helping to mobilize, help, and support area merchants, the Pueblo West Chamber is guided by a diverse group of community leaders focused on business.

Responsive Metro Board

Economic development is at the core of the Pueblo West Metro Board and they are seeking out innovative partnerships and incentives to recruit and retain sustainable businesses. Promoting job opportunities and inviting a wide landscape of retailers and service providers to call Pueblo West home is a task that requires strategic planning and community input; both jobs the Metro Board leadership team is well versed in.

Business Networking

Monthly morning and evening mixers and quarterly luncheons are a great way to become an active part of the thriving Pueblo West business community. Often hosted at local businesses, visitors engage with industry professionals to offer friendly hello’s and a pleasant exchange of referrals.

Business Support Services

Small business development,continuing education, and support programs are all services available to help entrepreneurs better meet their goals while staying focused on principles that create great business leaders.