With a steady home building rate, the Pueblo West community continues to grow at a healthy pace. Home prices are trending upward, but homes remain very affordable with an average home value of $177,400. Pueblo West boasts numerous quality home builderswho build diverse neighborhoods of beautiful homes, absent the cookie cutter rows of tract housing found in quick-build communities.

Pueblo West real estate industry is strong. Builders are working feverously to meet demands as supply of real estate inventory can only support up to 1.9 months of turnover. This is primetime for sellers prompting 828 new listings to hit the market in 2016 leaving only 21% of the market unsold for the year.

Buyers typically welcome a 6-month supply of real estate to choose from so with less than three months supply available you can bet all eyes are watching with great interest as the robust market continues to drive sales.

With only 3 properties listed as lender owned and no properties listed for Short sale, housing choices for this market may be restricted at best.

Lot Sales up 23%

Pueblo West had 211 lots sold in 2016 compared to 171 lots selling in 2015, with average sales price hovering around $11,365 for the year. Businesses needing every size of land development find a goldmine in the selection of lots available in the community.

Commercial Enterprise

8 commercial buildings are currently on the market, but business owners are not waiting for “For Sale” signs before making their move into the expanding retail market. Pueblo County issued 255 building permits for 2016with 155 of these permits specifically issued for Pueblo West.

Average sales prices packed 9% year-over-year and 19% from 2 years ago. The substantial increase in appreciation is good news for the thriving community and with the average days on market being the lowest in recent history; it might be surprising to know that real estate in this young community is still amazingly affordable. With prices ranging from $99,900 to $1,999,900, housing options remain for entry-level to seasoned buyers.

Those wishing to get a steal-of-a-deal through foreclosures and short sales might be left on the sidelines.