An evening drive into Pueblo West is all you need to see that the city is a festival of twinkling lights spanning the Rocky Mountain horizon. This vision is a sure way to see the exponential growth of the city and the many people that call Pueblo West home.

With so much development, Pueblo West is alive with energy around every corner providing a wealth of recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals and families alike. From biking and boating to wildlife and golfing; a world full of unexplored adventure awaits the child in everyone who visits or calls this city home.

Lake Pueblo

Lake Pueblo is Pueblo West’s signature destination attracting visitors from all over the state and the country. Over 4,600 surface acres of water, two-full-service marinas with boat ramps, and over 300 days of sunshine make Lake Pueblo State Park a premier recreation destination. Add in picnicking, 18 miles of wildlife viewing trails, and 401 camping sites throughout the park and your inner lover with squeal with delight. Shoreline and boat fishing complete this outdoor playground!

Cattails Crossing

Adjacent to the city’s golf course, this 3.75 acre pond is a healthy aquatic environment that hosts a variety of fish species. Angling opportunities for those 15 and under and persons with disabilities add to the charm of this beautiful recreation area managed and maintained by the Pueblo West Metro District and the Pueblo West Rotary Club. A truly unique city hot spot that allows families a gathering place for walking, picnicking, and fishing just a brief distance from surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Arkansas River Fishing

Beyond the 5000 surface acres of water and 60 miles of shoreline at Lake Pueblo, The Arkansas River below Lake Pueblo has become a favorite fishing hole for area anglers looking to test their skills on a variety of fish species. Nine miles of open access river fishing begins with beautiful natural terrain, plentiful wildlife, and lots of room to maneuver.

Moderate temperatures and fishermen’s choice of lake, pond, or river fishing make year-round fishing a passionate pastime for residents. Smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, crappies, trout,

channel catfish and wipers all thrive in the region’s popular fishing locations for boat, shoreline or fly fishermen of all ages.

Aquatic Centers

Swimmers that prefer heated pool facilities enjoy a 25- meter-long, heated outdoor pool at the city’s community park and residents will soon welcome a brand new indoor aquatics center. Lifeguard certifications and aquatics activities are available within the city pools as well as swimming lessons.

Riverwalk Kayaking, Canoeing, & Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding take on an urban feel as visitors play amid the Pueblo Whitewater Park on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk. The 1h mile long park features eight drops and the south bank runs along the the world’s largest continuous painting according to the Guinness Book of World Records’. The Pueblo Levee Mural Project, a 3-mile-long piece of artwork, as well as numerous riverside cafes and shops, give this urban adventure a fun workout that is only a short 15 minute drive from home.